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We Provide Written Exam Preparation Tips 2017

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Written Exam Preparation Tips (Govt & Private Exams),  /  How to Prepare For Exams – Last Minute Study Tips For Exams,  /  Career Management Tips & Tricks on Ejobshub,  /   How to Get Good Marks In Exam (English, Math, Physics, Chemistry).


SBP Institute a Govt. approved organization we Provide all type competitive Exams has invited all candidates who are applying for the post of Competitive Entrance Exams and who are interested to take best coaching to improve their ability and also interested to apply super technique methodology, study material and classroom assignments. The Course Methodology is dynamic as it takes into account the changes of life and we very much know in the pattern of the examination. SBP institute is a professionally managed and organized Competitive Entrance Exams coaching Centre in Delhi, offering best coaching and preparing the job aspirants for the post of Indian Competitive Entrance Exams Examination.

Written Exam Preparation Tips

Dear candidates, if you are going to do preparation for written exam of any competitive exam or entrance exam or applying to get any job, then you are came to right mode. We have some important tips for every applicant. Apply these tips and get success in your life definitely.


Preparation Materiel – The candidates must study from latest and update study materiel. The preparation books must cover the latest exam pattern and exam syllabus. Preparation books play a major role in any candidate success. Unsolved papers play an important role in written exam.

Exam Guide – Each exam has a special pattern such as number of questions in the exam, number of sections, exam duration, provision of negative marking or not, nature of exam (subjective/ objective or both). The candidate must consider all these factors in mind during his research and during giving the exam. Preparing yourself according to the exam pattern not according to the books will help you in attractive more marks.


Time- chart – A good time table will definitely increase the probability of success in any exam. Students should follow a pre-planned time table and divide their study hours in different subjects and accordingly cover all the subjects and topics.


Significance of Revision – Students must take revision of concepts, chapters, formulas and definition is very much important. Generally students must keep revising their chapters with in every 2 months during their preparation.

Self – Preliminary notes- Self preparatory notes grow your confidence and build your basics more clear and strong. This will definitely increase your success in your exam.


Expert Supervision – Expert supervision is essential for any exam preparation, along with the expert guidance students must solve previous year papers and do some difficult test papers also.



During The Examination:

First of all candidates should read carefully and follow all the instruction given in the exam paper.

Students can solve the part which is easy to attempt by the students.

Don’t focus to any question for long time. If you became confused and jammed in then leave that question and go to another question.

Best of Luck for exam from Ejobshub



How to Prepare For Exams – Last Minute Study Tips for Exams


How To Prepare For Exams

Hey dear students or candidates whether you are going to appear in written exam for academic or for a job doesn’t matter because

mostly aspirants thinks that they can prepare easily but as soon as exam date comes near tension increase about to completion of the study.


In this page we are describing some tricks by which each and every candidate may become ready to appear in the exam and hopefully will get good marks. Read this article carefully so that you could Last Minute Study. In this web page there are 10 points which are helpful for any exam.

Overview: Take an overview of the entire syllabus of the exams and then just check the topic of all unites which are confirmed and important for upcoming exam.


Concentration: Concentration is must before sit for study as you have less time to appear in the examination. It has been proved many times that most of the researches come into the people after a deep study with high concentration.


Ask Questions from Self: It is necessary that you must ask at least one question about the direction where your future in going. Then set up a firm determination that you can do it like child’s play. After this you will come to know that questions are looking easy.


Positive Thinking: Thinking decides the result and work also which is ever done in any circumstances. If person thinks positive then every thing will be in his feet but hard work is mandatory for that.


Will Power: Will power is capacity which makes the deed easy to easier and then easiest itself. So adapt this soon to get success in exam and life.


Turn Off Your Mobile Phone: Mobile is most common device which easily distract the mind in just one ring. There is only one solution for this either turn off of your phone or activated vibrate/ silent profile.


Make Words Easily Memorable: As we learn rainbow’s seven colours as VIBGYOR, similarly other topics can do easily with same technique.


Raise Your Energy Levels: Dear candidates this is the most important point that energy of aspirants must be at high level because without it you can’t sit more hours for study last time for exam.


Watch TV: To prepare for current affairs and latest GK watch top class news channel for at least one hour.


Positive Stress: Stress is not always negative because some times it works in motivating and improving performance. In a large no. of students it is seen that small amounts of positive stress, increases the mind’s cramming capacities by many times.


Study at Night: Study at night is very effective for the last minute studies because you can concentrate more at night as no other work will remind you except studies but for this you must have capacity of awakening late night.


Note: Exams are on the head. Tensions are high and expectations are increasing to perform much better in exams. To get more about clear any exams log on to our official website this is



Career Management Tips & Tricks on Ejobshub


Career Management Tips

The term Career Management refers or defines about to manage our career in such an effective way that all applicants for the

jobs will be able to establish their career in the desired field with Ejobshub. Our team always gives best tips to aspirants so that career could be brighter.


Career Management Smart Tips: Job seekers can get career advice easily from anywhere but we provide only best out of rest tips that is called Career Management Smart Tips. There are many parameters by which a person could be perfect to get a or more jobs such as:


Good grades in the academies: This is very fist point which decides that how worthy you are for a job! Education is providing equally to all students but only few of them obtain good grades in exams and become shining stars. Mostly organizations search for such candidates who have Good grades in the academies.

Knowledge of GK: It is very important point in getting a job because exam is the first ladder to get into any organization’s job process and GK is very common topic asked frequently in the exams. That’s the reason all job holders GK is so that they have got the jobs.


Current Affairs: The lateral meaning of current affair is related to all those happenings which happen around us. Candidates who note down all such events get more advantage in exams as well as in interview also.


Way of Talking:  Way of Talking is a most effective parameter by which a person can judge easily soon. If a person is facing the interview but speaking loudly or slowly or like a statue then no HR manager will hire him/ his for the job. A good speaker always moves hands while delivers message to others.


Dress Sense: It is a factor if dropped by the candidates; they ordered to get out from the company before join or select for the company for a job. If a job fighter called for a interview / walk-in always wear formals that is well ironed simple shirt and trouser. Shoes must be polished well. Clean shave is required for the interview.


If a person having all above qualities and searching for a good job then don’t wait and open a portal named ejobshub where all sectors and states jobs are available for all any time.


Our teams wish all applicants in advance for the bright career.



How to Get Good Marks In Exam (English, Math, Physics, Chemistry)


How to Get Good Marks In Exam

Every student has a dream to get more marks in written exam. Foe this they should study their subject deeply. Now a days

students study only notes and model papers.  This type of study give only limited knowledge. This is not a correct method for study. Student should study his subject deeply and with concentrate. They should improve their handwriting and don’t be overwriting in exam. Beautiful handwriting attract everyone eyes and on the other side overwriting always give bad result. If your handwriting will be attractive teacher definitely give you good marks. In written exam student always should use impressive heading and logical theory.

Language: The language of the topic should be impressive and attractive. At the written time student should take care of his language according to his standard and class. Language skill can grab more marks in written exam. Good language is the important part of the answer to get maximum marks in exam. (Written Exam Preparation Tips)


Style: The style of the language should be according to theme and standard.

Student should study his subject deeply and must revise before the exam. If they study their book deeply they can give the answer of any question easily. First of all student must know the detail his syllabus and the name of all books. We should have the knowledge about writer of every book in detail as about their date of birth, date of death, parents name and the place of birth. The most important part is that they must have the knowledge about writer’s composition. They should write their exam with full concentration. Timing is most important thing in the exam. They should aware of time and divide their question paper according to the time.


Focus on Target: Dear students or candidates don’t your goal for even a single while you are going to appear in any written exam. Success must be kept in mind all the time from top to bottom of question paper. If there will be focus on target then you will come to know that attempt questions answers have been right.


Practice of Writing within Time: Hey aspirants suppose you are practising for objective type questions or for long answers, keep practicing daily so that same answer could be write in less, lesser and least time till the exam accurately. Since we all know that- “Practice makes a man perfect”. Therefore always carry on, on any topic till being master in that.











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