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1. The chairman of the 13th Finance Commission is

A. Vijay L.Kelkar

B. Millen Kuamr Banerjee

C. C.Rangarajan

D. C.K.Jaffer Sheriff



2. Decimal coinage was introduced in India in the year

A. 1850

B. 1957

C. 1955

D. 1960



3. The Tenth Plan period was from

A. 1900–1995

B. 1992–1997

C. 2002–2007

D. 2007–2012



4. Three Annual Plans were launched in the years

A. 1966–1969

B. 1957–1960

C. 1961–1964

D. 1947–1950



5. The slogan Garibi Hatao was included in

A. First plan

B. Fourth plan

C. Fifth plan

D. Second plan



6. The Eighth Plan period is from

A. 1990–1995

B. 1992–1997

C. 1991–1997

D. 1991–1995



7. Which institution is known as Soft loan window of World Bank?



C. Indian Development Forum




8. The New Symbol of Indian Rupee is a blend of

A. Devanagiri Ra

B. Roman R

C. Devanagiri Ra and Roman

D. None of these



9. Nehru Sethu the longest bridge in Asia has beeen built on the river

A. Sone

B. Yamuna

C. The Ganges

D. Brahmaputra



10. Kudremukh Iron Ore project is in the state of

A. Kerala

B. Tamil Nadu

C. Karnataka

D. None of these



11. Consumer Protection Act (CORPA) was implemented in

A. 1985

B. 1986

C. 1987

D. 1988



12. Which tax is collected by Panchayats?

A. Sales tax

B. Tax on local fairs

C. Land Revenue

D. Custm Duty



13. National Rural Development Institute is situated at

A. Hyderabad

B. New Delhi

C. Shimla

D. Patna



14. RBI was nationalised on

A. 1945

B. 1947

C. 1949

D. 1959



15. Foreign currency which has a tendency of quick migration is called

A. Hot currency

B. Soft currency

C. Gold currency

D. Scarce currency



16. National Rural Development Institute is situated at

A. Patna

B. Shimla

C. Hyderabad

D. New Delhi



17. The richest country in the world is

A. Japan

B. Russia

C. Kuwait




18. Who introduced cooperative society in India?

A. Lord Curzon

B. Lord Wavell

C. Lord Rippon

D. Lord Cornwallis



19. The country without income tax is

A. Nepal

B. Kuwait

C. Burma

D. Singapore



20. The most important oil producing district in India is

A. Digboi

B. Naharkatia

C. Jwalamukhi

D. Ankleshwar



21. The bank which has the highest number of branches in the world is

A. Canara Bank

B. State Bank of India

C. London Bank

D. Bank of Baroda



22. India is the leading exporter of

A. Tea

B. Mica

C. Manganese

D. Jute



23. In India which source of irrigation is widely used

A. Wells

B. Canals

C. Rivers

D. Tanks



24. The former name of Reserve Bank of India was

A. National Bank of India

B. State Bank of India

C. Imperial Bank of India

D. Central Bank of India



25. The currency Deutsche Mark belongs to

A. Italy

B. Russia

C. Germany

D. Polland



26. MRTP Act was implemented in

A. 1967

B. 1968

C. 1969

D. 1970



27. Corporate Tax is imposed by

A. State Government

B. Central Government

C. Local Government

D. Both A and B



28. Which state has the highest Per Capita Income?

A. Maharashtra

B. Delhi

C. Punjab

D. Haryana



29. The area under forest in India is

A. 0%

B. 15%

C. 20%

D. 23%



30. Regional Rural Banks were established in

A. 1897

B. 1975

C. 1965

D. 1975



31. Which Indian got Nobel Prize for Economics?

A. Khorana


C. Teressa

D. Amarthiya Sen



32. The Headquarter of RBI is in

A. Delhi

B. Nasik

C. Mumbai

D. Kanpur



33. National Income estimates in India is prepared by



C.S.O. C. Finance Ministry

D. Planning Commission



34. Which crop is sown on the largest area in India?

A. Maize

B. Wheat

C. Sugarcane

D. Rice



35. Dalal street is situated at

A. Paris

B. Mumbai

C. London

D. New Delhi



36. The former name of State Bank of India was

A. Central Bank of India

B. United Bank of India

C. Imperial Bank of India

D. People’s Bank of India



37. The value of Gold is determined in

A. London

B. Rome

C. Washington

D. Teheran



38. Which of the following cash crops is not grown in Kerala?

A. Rubber

B. Spices

C. Tobacco

D. Coffee



39. Diamond cutting is undertaken as a cottage industry in

A. Rajasthan

B. Gujarat

C. Andhra

D. Maharashtra



40. The currency notes are printed in

A. Bombay

B. Nasik

C. New Delhi

D. Nagpur



41. The mineral in which India depends largely on imports is

A. Iron Ore

B. Bauxite

C. Mica

D. Mercury



42. In India, barter exchange is still in practice in

A. Calcutta

B. Lucknow

C. Ahmedbad

D. Jabalpur



43. The planning Commission was reconstituted in

A. Octomber 1951

B. January 1948

C. March 1950

D. August 1949



44. The state which has the highest sugarcane production in India is

A. Bihar

B. Uttar Pradesh

C. Maharashtra

D. Madhya Pradesh



45. The state which has the largest number of sugar mills in India is

A. Bihar

B. Haryana

C. Punjab

D. Uttar Pradesh



46. Finance Commission is constituted every

A. two years

B. three years

C. five years

D. six years



47. India earns maximum foreign exchange by the export of

A. iron

B. Tea

C. Textile

D. Rubber



48. India’s foreign trade policy could be best described as

A. Free trade

B. Laizzez faire

C. Controlled free trade

D. None of these



49. The Aid India Club has been formed under the







50. Which is the most important source of income for Government of India?

A. Interest

B. Licence fee

C. Income tax

D. Excise duty



51. As per population census 2001 in which state literacy rate is lowest ? 

A.  Bihar

B.  Rajasthan

C.  Orissa

D.  Sikkim



52. Economic planning is an essential feature of 

A.  capitalist economy

B.  socialist economy

C.  mixed economy

D.  dual economy



53. The Mumbai Stock Exchange was set up in 

A.  1875

B.  1900

C.  1922

D.  1947



54. The Headquarter of RBI is in 

A.  Delhi

B.  Mumbai

C.  Kanpur

D.  Nasik



55. The planning commission is 

A.  Ministry

B.  a government department

C.  an advisory body

D.  an autonomous corporation



56. Who wrote the book “planned Economy for india”? 

A.  M.Visvesvaraya

B.  Sardar vallabhai patel

C.  Jawaharlal Nehru

D.  mahatma gandhi



57. Who is the Deputy Chairman of planning commission? 

A. Prime minister

B. Finance minister

C. Commerce minister

D. None of these



58. Planning in india derives its objectives from 

A.  Fundamental Rights

B.  Fundamental Duties

C.  Directive Principles of state policy

D.  Preamble



59. The Contribution of agriculture to india’s economy is ? 

A.  Increasing

B.  decreasing

C.  Constant

D.  None of these



60. The planning commission is 

A.  Ministry

B.  a government department

C.  an advisory body

D.  anautonomouscorporation



61. Which country’s Antarctic claim covers the greatest swath of longitude? 

A.  New Zealand

B.  United Kingdom

C.  Argentina

D.  Australia



62. Which Agricultural export item is second in case of India? 

A.  marine product

B.  rice

C.  sugar

D.  oil cake



63. In the United States the television broadcast standard is 







64. What is green gold ? 

A. Coffee

B. Gold

C. Rice

D. Tea



65. Which country has the lowest rate of newspaper circulation per capita? 

A.  Iceland

B.  Italy

C.  Indonesia

D.  India



66. According to population census 2001, which of the following states is below the national average of literacy ? 

A.  Maharashtra

B.  Gujarat

C.  Orissa

D.  West Bengal



67. In India, maximum number of workers are employed in 

A.  textile industry

B.  iron and steel industry

C.  petrochemical industry

D.  automobile industry



68. National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) was established in 

A.  1947

B.  1952

C.  1951

D.  1950



69. Which of the following taxes is a progressive tax? 

A. income tax

B. custom tax

C. sales tax

D. excise duty



70. Who is called the father of Economics? 

A.  Adam Smith

B.  Max Muller

C.  Karl Marx

D.  None of these



71. The concept of five years plans in india was introduced by 

A.  Lord Mountbatten

B.  Jawaharlal Nehru

C.  Indira Gandhi

D.  Lal Bahadhur Shastr



72. According to population census 2001, the state of largest density of population is 

A.  Maharashtr

B.  Uttar Pradesh

C.  West Bengal

D.  Bihar



73. Bokaro Steel Limited was established with the assistance of 

A.  Germany

B.  Soviet Union

C.  UK




74. India earns maximum foreign exchange from the exports of 

A. garments

B. jute

C. gems and jewellery

D. cotton



75. The earlier name of the WTO was 







76. Which one of the following countries is not a member of ASEAN? 

A.  vietanam

B.  brunei darusallam

C.  bangladesh

D.  mynammar



77. The head quarters of world trade organisation is in 

A.  montreal

B.  seatle

C.  geneva

D.  the hague



78. Economic survey is published by 

A.  Minsitry of finance

B.  Planning commission

C.  Govt of india

D.  Indian Statistical institute



79. What is the animal on the insignia of the RBI? 

A.  lion

B.  tiger

C.  panther

D.  elephant



80. After textiles, India’s second important industry is 

A.  sugar

B.  jute

C.  cement

D.  iron ansd steel



81. Which Agricultural export item is second in case of India? 

A.  marine product

B.  rice

C.  sugar

D.  oil cake



82. National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) was established in 

A.  1950

B.  1951

C.  1952

D.  1947 s



83. According to area, which state is the largest ? 

A.  Madhya Pradesh

B.  Maharashtra

C.  Rajasthan

D.  Uttar Pradesh



84. Which state produces maximum soyabean ? 

A.  Madhya Pradesh

B.  Uttar Pradesh

C.  Bihar

D.  Rajasthan



85. The first bank established in india was 

A. punjab bank

B. traders bank

C. state bank of india

D. bank of hindustan



86. The largest public sector bank in india is 

A.  central bank

B.  punjab bank

C.  state bank of india

D.  indian overseas bank



87. Which one of the following is the banker of the banks? 




D.  SBI and RBI



88. Kasturba Gandhi Education Scheme is related to 

A.  Girl Education

B.  Adult Education

C.  Child Labour Education

D.  Tribal Women



89.          Indian Rupee is fully convertible at –

A.     Current Account

B.           Capital Account

C.           Trade Account

D.           None of the above

 Ans: A


90.          The most appropriate measure of a country’s economic growth is its –


A.           Gross Domestic Product(GDP)

B.           Net Domestic Product(NDP)

C.           Net National Product(NNP)

D.           Per Capita Product(PCP)

Ans: A


91.          Which of the following places in India does not have a Stock Exchange?

A.           Udaipur

B.           Delhi

C.           Mumbai

D.           Ahmedabad

  Ans: A


92.          An individual visiting UAE will have to make his/her payments in which of the following currencies?

A.           Baht

B.           Peso

C.           Dirham

D.           Dinar

Ans: C


93.          Which of the following schemes launched by the Government of India aims at enhancing the livelihood security of the people in rural areas by guaranteeing hundred days of employment in a financial year to a rural household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work?

A.           MGNREGA

B.           ASHA

C.           TRYSEM

D.           Kutir Jyoti Scheme

Ans: A


94.          Which of the following organisations prepares rural credit plans on annual basis for all districts in India, which in turn from the base for annual credit plans of all rural financial institutions?

A.           CII

B.           RBI

C.           SIDBI

D.           NABARD

Ans: D


95.          Who amongst the following is the Regulator of Insurance sector in India?

A.           IRDA

B.           SEBI

C.           AMFI

D.           RBI

  Ans: A


96.          Which one of the following States has passed a bill to regulate the interest rates on micro-finance?

A.           Andhra Pradesh

B.           Orissa

C.           Karnataka

D.           Haryana

  Ans: A

97.          Expand the term IFRS.

A.           Indian Financial Reporting Standards

B.           International Financial Reporting Standards

C.           Indian Financial Reporting Systems

D.           None of these

Ans: B


98.          ‘Yuan’ is the currency of which one of the following countries?

A.           South Korea

B.           Japan

C.           China

D.           North Korea

Ans: C

99.          According to the 8th Annual Global Retail Development Index(GRDI), which one of the following countries is ‘most attractive’ retail marker in the world?

A.                           India

B.                           Saudi Arabia

C.                           Japan

D.                           UAE

 Ans: A

100.        The insurance companies collect a fixed amount from its customers at a fixed interval of time. What is it called?

A.                           Instalment

B.                           Premium

C.                           EMI

D.                           Service Charge

Ans: B


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