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SSB NDA Interview Tips 2016 Exam

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NDA Interview Questions and Answers 2016 | SSB NDA Interview Tips 2016 Exam.


SBP INSTITUTE PVT. LTD. We Provide  NDA (SSB) Interview Questions and Answers 2016


NDA Interview Questions and Answers

NDA Interview Questions and Answers 2016: We are presenting you most interesting SSB NDA Interview Tips with NDA Interview Questions and Answers. It is one of the dream jobs of many candidates who want to grab their career in Staff Selection Board after clearing National Defence Academy exam.


It is the toughest examination and their there is a huge rush fort it too. To prepare better a candidate must study through best tricks Here we are providing NDA Interview Questions and Answers for making your preparation fully completed. You must read below for most frequently asked questions.


SSB NDA Interview Tips

Interview is taken for checking your mental caliber. So be prepared with such questions that are normally asked. Some of them are mentioned below that you can practice.

Make the first impression through your look and your body language.

Be confident and optimistic in your answer.

Be honest and explain clearly your ideas and issue you talking on.

Try to give some examples in enhancing the explanation of your answer.

Keep a voice tone with positive and assertiveness.

Make sure that interviewer is getting right what you want to explain.

Try to prepare neat and clean answer.


NDA Interview Questions and Answers

Question-1 Which course you will opt after 10+2 if you could not become officer and why?

Answer: Also a meeting with administrator would like to know whether you will precede your pursuit for becoming an officer or not. So reply very properly against this query. After 10+2 there are a lot of possibilities available for higher studies. So choose it before SSB meeting about your further learning. Never try to say that you will be a part of whatever course your dad chooses for you. It will keep bad impact about you.


Question-2 Why do you want to join defence?

Answer: Most regularly raised query for NDA NA applicants during the individual meeting is why do you want to be a part of defense sector. As the applicants will be participating in their first meeting, this query is the most predicted query. So you need to get ready your purpose properly. Few applicants say that they want to work for the nation and few say that the dress (Standard uniform) feels them pleased and proud, for few applicants cash is also purpose behind becoming a member of Native Indian Armed Forces.


Question-3 Why did you gave first preference as Army / Air Force / Navy?

Answer: As NDA NA applicants have the choice to select solutions by providing the choice at the time of filling the applying form. So absolutely meeting with official will ask applicant why he has chosen Military / Air force as his first choice and why not any other support. For artistry and business learners, it becomes easy to rationalize the query but for science learners it becomes little bit challenging to response.


Question-4 What is the role of defence forces in our country?

Answer: If an applicant is coming for an interview, interview panel member will anticipate the applicant to know about the association. So this query may be thrown up during the SSB meeting by the official getting your personal interview. As many applicants are just 12th standard pursuing applicants, most of them don’t know much about Defense. So before coming for the interview, you must know few details.


Question-5 Will you come back again for SSB interview if you fail this time?

Answer: The meeting panel member may ask this query during individual meeting for NDA NA applicants. Don’t be anxious as he is not informing you ultimately that he is unable you now. Instead, the meeting with official is trying to analyze your character. If you say you will not come back without a justification, it will indicate badly on your character.


Question-6 What if you do not get recommended this time?

Answer: You have to swiftly and basically say that ‘Sir I’ll try next occasion again’. Now he may reverse you by saying that if you do not get into then what? Here you have to demonstrate your dedications to work for nation, you have to say that sir I’ll work with my best, or I have not supposed anything as hitherto except Defense.


Question-7 Did you do any special preparation for SSB?

Answer: Certainly you did! So tell him that yes sir I have practiced for SSB from various resources like studying guides on present matters, studying magazines, getting guidelines from sites especially devoted for SSB like SSB chink. In brief you have to make him feel that you have effort a lot for this interview.

The usually questioning starts from questions like –

Tell us about yourself?

Tell something about your place, where you came from?

Tell something that you like most about your native?

After such questions Interview starts moving toward general questions and it also get a rapid fire questioning that makes stress to candidates.


What are your hobbies?

Tell about 3 of your strengths and weaknesses?

Can you work under pressure?

What are you goals in life?

What are your outside interests?

What was the toughest decision you ever have to make?

Differentiate between confidence and over-confidence in your words?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Why should we hire you?


Afterwards it reaches to the Technical part and your practical knowledge questioning like:

Are diabetic candidates eligible to become officers in NDA

Download Risk Certificate for NDA and TES 10+2 SSB interviews

Is AFCAT exam same as NDA NA exam and CDSE of UPSC?

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