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What is an Interview?

An interview is a process where interaction and question answering is been done between a job seeker and an interviewer from the organization. This is mainly on the purpose of knowing whether the job seeker can be hired for their organization.

Job interviews are considered as an important part of the selection and hiring process. The suitability of the applicant can be clearly assessed through this process.

The interviews form an important step in the process of recruiting. This is because the process of the interview also includes many other steps which help the interviewer in identifying the better person, so as to get the best output.


Why is Interview Important?

The interviews are important because they help the experts know who is efficient and who is not.

Not just this, but also you get to know the other different traits of the applicants, thus helping in judging better who will be able to be good in the particular field.

Human Resources concept: choosing the perfect candidate for the job

So, there are some other reasons like:

1. The assessment of the employees:

The employees are assessed through the process of interview and that assessment is considered one of the best ways to know one’s potential.

So, this is one of the reasons why the assessment of the employees is essential through the interview process.

2. No other procedure:

There is no other selective procedure better than the interviews. So, this is the reason interviews form a vital part in the selection process.

It is one thing which helps in linking the interviewee and the interviewer.

3. It forms a bridge between the sender and the receiver:

The process of interview acts as a bridge as it conveys what the sender has to communicate while the receiver gets to know about the sender. So, it bridges all sorts of gaps.

4. Speaking skills:

The person can be evaluated well by the manner he or she communicates. Their good speaking skills obviously cannot be known through their writing, but through the way one utters.

So, this is also one of the reasons of knowing the importance of the interviews during the recruiting process.

5. Check the confidence level:

An individual may have to present in front of other people in office and if he or she comes out to be shy and less confident, then it won’t do any good to the company.

This is also obvious that the companies require efficient people for their own benefit but this also holds true that the employees have to give their best to earn the best.

So, to know whether a person is able to speak up in front of a number of people, the interviews are conducted.

6. Social behaviour is analyzed:

Another benefit of taking interviews is that the social behaviour of the individual is analyzed. When a person speaks, his body language, the words he or she make use are assessed and the basic etiquette are counted.

So, among many others, this is also one of the important reason.

7. The body language and the smartness of the individual:

How smart is the person and also how he or she presents himself in front of others i.e the body language of the person is witnessed through the process of interview.

8. Quality of answers is tested:

When we talk normally to our friend, then also the way we pronounce and speak is taken into notice smartly and at times interrupted on saying the wrong word at wrong time. So, if being with friends can be noticed then why not such thing be noticed during the interview.

Of course, it is done, so, in order to know how well a person can pronounce and to examine the quality of answers delivered by the person, the process of interview is essential.


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