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The National Defence Academy is the joint services academy of Indian armed Forces, where cadets for the three services, the Army, the Navy and the Air Force train together before they go on to pre-commissioning training in their respective service academies. This is the world’s first Tri-service academy.

Admissions to the NDA are made through written exam conducted by the UPSC which is followed by extensive interviews covering general aptitude, psychological testing, team-building skills along with physical and social skills and medical tests.

New sessions are held twice a year. On an average about 3,20,000 applicants enroll for the written exam every year out of which 9000 are invited for the interviews. Candidates who wish to go to Air force have to go through a Pilot Aptitude Battery Test. An average total of about 300-350 students are accepted to the academy each year amongst which 66 cadets are accepted for the Air Force, 39 for the Navy and 195 for the Army.

On successful completion of the program cadets are sent to their respective training academies for one year of training before granting of commission: cadets for army go to IMA Dehradun, Naval cadets to INA Ezhimala, Kerala and Air Force cadets are sent to Dundigal, Hyderabad.

Declines to commission are only accepted in case of a serious permanent medical condition caused during the program.


NDA Eligibility


For Army Wing of NDA

The candidate must have passed class XII of the 10+2 pattern of School Education or equivalent examination conducted by a State Education Board or a University

For Air Force and Naval Wings of NDA and for 10+2 (Executive Branch) Course at Naval Academy

The candidate must have passed class XII of the 10+2 pattern of School Education or equivalent exam conducted by a State Education Board or a University with physics and mathematics as main subjects.


The candidate must be of 16-1/2 to 19 years of age as on 1st January of the year the examination.


NDA Application

The entrance examination for NDA is conducted by UPSC every year. To apply a candidate must register online and pay the fees by Credit/Debit card or by Bank Challan. The application form is very simple to fill and can be filled on the official website of the UPSC.

For, the year 2015 – NDA will released its exam notification on June 20, 2015. Candidates are expected to submit their application forms on or before Juty 17, 2015. Candidates can choose to fill the form either online or offline. The exam will commence on September 27, 2015.

The candidate must clearly read and follow the instructions provided to fill the application form to avoid any hassles during the registration process.

Candidates should include Copies of certificates mentioned in the notification with the application.

The candidate must provide upload the fe e details in the form and retain duplicate copies for all the receipts for future reference.

Keen attention must be paid while filling the application forms at all page.


Exam Pattern for NDA

The subjects of the written examination, the time allowed and the maximum marks allotted to each subject will be as follows:–




Maximum Marks

Mathematics 01 2-½ Hours 300
General Ability Test 02 2-½ Hours 600
Total     900


The papers in all the subjects consist of Objective (multiple choice answers) Type questions only.

Question Papers of Paper I – Mathematics and Part B of Paper II will be set in English and Hindi.

SI units will be used in the papers and Candidates should use only International form of Indian numerals (i.e. 1, 2, 3,4,5,6 etc.) while answering question papers.

Commission has discretion to fix qualifying marks in any or all the subjects of the examination.

Candidates are not permitted to use calculators for answering objective type papers (Test Booklets).


• The Union Public Service Commission declares a list of qualified candidates (based on the written exam).

• The selected candidates appear before a Services Selection Board for Intelligence and Personality Test.

• Candidates for the Army/Navy wings of the NDA and Executive branch of Naval Academy will be assessed on      officer’s potentiality.

• Candidates for the Air Force wing, along with officer potentiality assessment, will also undergo a Pilot Aptitude Test.


Syllabus for NDA

PAPER-I Mathematics (Code No. 01)(Maximum Marks – 300)



1-Algebra 5-Differential Calculus
2-Matrices and Determinants 6-Integral Calculus and Differential equations
3-Trigonometry 7-Vector Algebra
4-Analytical Geometry of two and three dimensions 8-Statistics and Probability


PAPER-II General Ability Test (Code No. 02) (Maximum Marks-600)

Part ‘A’ – English (Maximum Marks 200).

Part ‘B’ – General Knowledge (Maximum Marks-400)

Section ‘A’ (Physics)

Section ‘B’ (Chemistry)

Section ‘C’ (General Science)

Section ‘D’ (History, Freedom Movement etc.)

Section ‘E’ (Geography)

Section ‘F’ (Current Events)

NOTE : Out of maximum marks assigned to part ‘B’ of this paper, questions on Sections ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’, ‘E’ and ‘F’ will carry approximately 25%, 15%, 10%, 20%, 20% and 10% weightages respectively.


Intelligence and Personality Test

In addition to the interview the candidates will be put to Intelligence Tests both verbal and non-verbal, designed to assess their basic intelligence. They will also be put to Group Tests such as group discussions, group planning, outdoor group tasks, and asked to give brief lectures on specified subjects. All these tests are intended to judge the mental caliber of a candidate. In broad terms, this is really an assessment of not only his intellectual qualities but also his social traits and interests in current affairs.


Guidelines for Physical Standards for Admission to the NDA:

Guidelines for physical standards for admission to the national defence academy note: candidates must be physically and mentally fit according to the prescribed physical standards. The guidelines for the same are given below. A number of qualified candidates are rejected subsequently on medical grounds. Candidates are therefore advised in their own interest to get themselves medically examined before submitting their applications to avoid disappointment at the final stage.

Candidates are also advised to rectify minor defects/ailments in order to speed up finalization of medical examination conducted at the Military Hospital after being recommended at the SSB.

The under mentioned ailments are considered, common minor ailments:

(a) Wax (Ears)

(b) Deviated Nasal Septum

(c) Hydrocele/Phimosis

(d) Overweight/Underweight

(e) Under sized Chest

(f) Piles

(g) Gynaecomastia

(h) Tonsillitis

(i) Varicocele

Civilian candidates appearing for all types of commission in the Armed Forces will be entitled to out-patients treatment from service sources at public expense for injuries sustained or diseases contracted during the course of their examination by the Selection Board.

They will also be entitled to in-patient treatment at public expense in the Officers’ ward of a hospital provided–

(a) The injury is sustained during the tests or,

(b) The disease is contracted during the course of the examination by selection board and there is no suitable accommodation in local civil hospital or it is impracticable to remove the patient to the civil hospital; or,

(c) The medical board requires the candidates’ admission for observation.


NOTE: They are not entitled to special nursing. A candidate recommended by the Services Selection Board will undergo a medical examination by a Board of Service Medical Officers. Only those candidates will be admitted to the academy who are declared fit by the Medical Board. The proceedings of the Medical Board are confidential and will not be divulged to anyone. However the candidates declared unfit will be intimated by the President of the Medical Board and the procedure for request for an Appeal Medical Board will also be intimated to the candidate.

Candidates declared unfit during Appeal Medical Board will be intimated about the provision of Review Medical Board.

(a) The candidate must be in good physical and mental health and free from any disease/disability which is likely in interferes with the efficient performance of military duties.

(b) There should be no evidence of weak constitution, bodily defects or underweight. The candidate should not be overweight or obese.

(c) The minimum acceptable height is 157.5 cms. (162.5 cms for Air Force) For Gorkhas and individuals belonging to hills of North Eastern regions of India, Garhwal and Kumaon, the minimum acceptable heights will be 5 cms. less. In case of candidates from Lakshadweep the minimum acceptable height can be reduced by 2 cms. Height and weight standards are given below:


Height/Weight Standards for Army/Air Force


Height in Centimeters (Without shoes)



Weight in Kgs.

  16-17 years 17-18 years 18-19 years
152 42.5 44 45
155 43.5 45.5 47
157 45 47 48
160 46.5 48 49
162 48 50 51
165 50 52 53
167 51 53 54
170 52.5 55 56
173 54.5 57 58
175 56 59 60
178 58 61 62
180 60 63 64.5
183 62.5 65 66.5

Height/weight Standards For Navy



Height in Centimeters (Without shoes)



Weight in Kgs.

  16-17 years 17-18 years 18-19 years
152 44 45 46
155 45 46 47
157 46 47 48
160 47 48 50
162 48 50 52
165 50 52 53
168 52 53 55
170 53 55 57
173 55 57 59
175 57 59 61
178 59 61 62
180 61 63 64
183 63 65 67


A ± 10% (A ± 6 Kg for Navy) departure from the average weight given in the table 1 above is to be considered within normal limit. However, in individuals with heavy bones and broad build as well as individuals with thin but otherwise healthy this may be relaxed to some extent on merit.

NOTE 1: Height relaxable upto 2.5 cm (5 cm. for Navy) may be allowed where the Medical Board certifies that the candidate is likely to grow and come up to the required standard on completion of his training.


NOTE 2 : To meet special requirement as a pilot in the Air Force the acceptable measurements of leg length, thigh length and sitting height will be as under :–




Leg Length 99.00cms. 120.00 cms.
Thigh Length 64.00 cms.
Sitting Height 81.50cms. 96. 00 cms.

On account of lower age of NDA candidates, a margin of upto 5.0 cm. in height, 2.5 cm. in leg length (minimum) and 1.0 cm. sitting height (minimum) may be given provided it is certified by the Medical Board that the candidate is likely to grow and come upto the required standard on completion of his training in NDA.

(d) Chest should be well developed. Fully expanded chest should not be less than 81 cms. The minimum range of expansion after full inspiration should be 5 cms. The measurement will be taken with a tape so adjusted that its lower edge should touch the nipple in front and the upper part of the tape should touch the lower angle of the shoulder blades behind. X-Ray of the chest is compulsory and will be taken to rule out any disease of the chest.

(e)There should be no mal-development or impairment of function of the bones or joint.


How to Prepare for NDA

As with all the competitive exams NDA too demands that its candidates excel in all the fields required and for that the question paper is designed to cover a whole lot of sections and judge its candidates in various sections. The exam is conducted by the Union Public service Commission (UPSC) twice every year in the months of April and October.

To excel in the exam here are a few tips that you can follow.

• Getting your basics right: Since a lot of topics are covered in the exam, its best to keep them prepared. Study your class X books from Geography to History.

• Getting your English right: Work on the foundation of your English writing and speaking skills, work on your grammar, since the exam has section of English it’s better to prepare it. Also, speaking good English will help you in interview.

• Start working on your health: To get through the latter two stages of the exam you must be absolutely fit, and health is not something that can be built in a matter of days, you have to continuously work at it.

• Setting a time table for everything: time is everything when you have so much on plate, learn effective time management techniques.

• Read Newspaper on a daily basis: Reading aloud has massive improvement in English speaking skills; also it will help with hesitation in public speaking which few people might have. The other benefit is that you will stay afloat on general education and current affairs that will help you with written and interview alike

Follow these tips and stay focused to stay ahead in the competition and achieve your goal.


Two Stage Selection Procedure for NDA

Two stage selection procedure is based on Psychological Aptitude Test and Intelligence Test.

All candidates are put to stage one test on first day of reporting at Selection Centers/Air Force Selection Boards.

Only candidates who qualify at stage one are admitted to the second stage.

Those candidates who qualify stage II are required to submit the original Certificates along with one photocopy each of :

Original Matriculation pass certificate or equivalent in support of date of birth

Original 10+2 pass certificate or equivalent in support of educational qualification

For final qualification, candidates for the Army/Navy and Naval Academy should secure minimum qualifying marks separately in

(i) Written examination and

(ii) Officer potentiality test, and

Candidates for the Air Force should secure the minimum qualifying marks separately in

(i) Written examination

(ii) Officer potentiality test, and

(iii) Pilot Aptitude Test as fixed by the Commission in their discretion.

Qualified candidates are then placed in final order of merit on the basis of total marks secured by them in the Written examination, and the Services Selection Board Tests in three separate lists:

(i) Army and the Navy,

(ii) Air Force

(iii) Executive course at the Naval Academy.

The names of candidates who qualify for all Services of NDA and the Naval Academy appearing all the three Merit Lists.

The final selection for admission will be made in order of merit depending on the number of vacancies in each wing.

The selection is subjected to medical fitness and suitability in all other respects.

NOTE: A candidate who fails in the Pilot Aptitude Test cannot apply for admission to the National Defence Academy Examination, the Air Force wing or General Duties (Pilot) Branch or Navy, Air Force or Army.


NDA Important dates

NDA II 2015 Examination Offline Application Issue date: 20-06-2015 – 17-07-2015

NDA II 2015 Examination Online Application Issue date 20-06-2015 – 17-07-2015

NDA II 2015 Examination Date: September 27, 2015

NDA & NA ( II) 2015 Examination is going to be held on September 27, 2015 by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) for admissions into the Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force and for Indian naval academy Course)commencing from 02 July 2016.


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