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Indian Army Most Important Questions for CLERK Exam ??

Posted on by supperbrilliantpoint

Indian Army Most Important Questions for GD Clerk Exam

Everyone desires a job which comes with all the benefit in a government. Every one in India runs behind a settled job and want to get it easily. Indian army a part of Defence Ministry is the safest place to have a job like this the only thing you have to do give your best in studies and physical for very small duration and you can have all the benefits of the Indian Army and you will have an opportunity to work with the two other wings of Indian Army that is Indian Navy and Airforce all these institutions is governed by the central government to secure and protect country. We are providing you here you the stuff related to the exam of Indian Army which can assist you to prepare for the exam.

As we all know that India is a country with the number of great population and here everyone needs a job which can fulfill their dreams. Every youngster tries very hard to get qualified in every attempt he is making to get in the Army while studying there is a thought arise in his mind about to have a look at the important question. Every year thousands of student who applies for the job cannot qualify in the exam because of the lack of knowledge and not having the practice in return.

Indian Army Written Exam Important Questions & Answers

Indian Army includes many small units such as Indo Tibetan Border Police, Border Security force, Sashastra Seema Bal and other three units also all these five units sometimes assist Indian Army and work together in getting the job done. All these five units are handled by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Many candidates those who are searching for the Indian Army Best and the most important question then you are at right platform check the questions presented below.

The written exam is one of the most important exams which you need to pass in every situation because it will be the first step after that only you will be allowed to give the further steps of recruitment. To crack the exam candidates must need a proper exam pattern because it provides you the idea for the questions in the exams and how the setting of marks is done according to the subjects.

Indian Army Clerk GD Most Asked GK Questions

Here below are some of the most asked question in the Indian Army but before that you must know the exam pattern of the syllabus because it not only tells about the exam sections but the marks allotted to each question and the total marks of the exam and if the negative markings are allowed in the exam and how much it will be.

Exam Pattern

The written exam comprises of 100 question and 2 marks are allotted to each of the questions and for each wrong answer, 1/3 marks are deducted.

Subject Marks Questions
General Knowledge 30 15
General Science 40 20
Maths 30 15

Note: The question provided here is basically the sum up of what is the question type there will be in the exam. Keep on looking for the other various sample paper also.

  1. In which year Indian army was established?
  2. The number of commands of Indian Army currently employed?
  3. Headquarter of Eastern Command of Indian Army?
  4. Headquarter of Northern Command of Indian Army?
  5. Headquarter of Western Command of Indian Army?
  6. Headquarter of Southern Command of Indian Army
  7. ‘World Health Day’ is praised on?
  8. The recipe for Ammonium Chloride is?
  9. Rusting of Iron is?
  10. The estimation of 2-(2) is?
  11. Which of the accompanying isn’t a compound?
  12. What is a Penicillin?
  13. The male and female qualities in a blossom are called ova and
  14. In the event that two edges of a triangle are 30 and 105, at that point, the third edge will?
  15. What is the estimation of 7/9 of 45?
  16. On the off chance that (0.4z – 3) = – 7/5. Discover the estimation of z (1.5z + 9)
  17. Which is the major molecule that constitutes a particle other than proton and electron?
  18. Discover the zone of a play area of 300m length and 200m broadness
  19. Non-Cooperation Movement was propelled by Gandhiji in the year?
  20. Is kayak a sort of?
  21. Nasik is arranged on the bank of which waterway?
  22. Jim Corbett National Park is situated at?
  23. Who is the writer of the book ‘Guide’?
  24. Incomparable Commander of Armed power is?
  25. The primary clash of Panipat was battled between?
  26. The auxiliary and utilitarian unit of a life form is called?
  27. The blood in the human body is sanitized in?
  28. Corrosive downpours are caused because of the nearness of which gases?
  29. The principal woman Governor of Independent India was?
  30. Cash of Saudi Arabia?
  31. Add up to a number of muscles in the human body?
  32. The central unit of the kidney is called?
  33. Which microorganisms changes over drain into curd?
  34. The proportion of third relative to?
  35. 12 and 30 and the mean relative in the vicinity of 9 and 25 is?
  36. The normal of the squares of the initial 7 regular numbers are?
  37. The number of chromosomes in the individual?
  38. What is the level of carbon dioxide in the air?
  39. Which of the accompanying controls facilitates exercises of the human body
  40. Is electric current estimated by?
  41. Which of the accompanying organelles is known as the powerhouse of the cell
  42. Are essential colors?
  43. Which gas is utilized as a part of the arrangement of pop water?
  44. What is estimated by Seismograph?
  45. Which of the substance is acquired from plants?
  46. Which of the substance is obtained from plants?
  47. Name the Anti-Sterile Vitamin?
  48. The connection between Work, Force and Displacement are?
  49. Is jungle fever caused by?
  50. India’s just sail preparing ship?
  51. Longest stream on the planet, Amazon is moving through?
  52. The timetable that arrangements with official dialects of India?
  53. A number of orders in Indian Armed force?
  54. Which is the most profound sea on the planet?
  55. What is the term for an individual from the Rajya Sabha?
  56. Who was the main Indian to be designated Leader of the Universal Court of Equity?
  57. Which day is seen as Human Right Day?
  58. India’s greatest multipurpose stream valley venture is.
  59. In which state is ‘Sanchi Stupa’ arranged?
  60. At the point when was ‘Shimla Agreement’ amongst India and Pakistan inked?

Indian Army Exam Syllabus

General Knowledge

General knowledge or G.K. covers the 30% of the exam and deals with the general awareness of the candidates. It covers various aspect but mostly it covers Awards, General Awareness and Current Affairs (national and international).

General Science

This section covers 40% of the exam and the inquiry are principally identified with the logical terms and with the science managing fundamental terms that is of tenth measures science.


Math is the third part of the exam it covers the problems related to the topics of the Arithmetic equation and deals with the problems based basically on the level of 3rd standards. The math is separated in Polynomial equation, algebra, and geometry which is joined by mensuration.


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