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Indian Army Clerk Syllabus 2019-20 Exam Pattern, Age Limit & Eligibility Criteria

Posted on by supperbrilliantpoint

Army Clerk/SKT Syllabus 2019 – Army Clerk Exam Pattern, Eligibility Criteria

Preparing for written exam is always a challenging task, and the pressure to deliver best increases when the exam is something like army clerk CEE. Every 6 out of 10 students pass the written exam of clerk, but out of those 6, only 2 make it to the final merit list.

To be declared pass, you just need to score 80 marks out of 200. But getting just 80 marks will definitely not get your name in the merit list, and if your name is not there, then all your efforts will be wasted. So, it is very important to do good in written exam.

In this article, all you need to prepare for the written exam of clerk is given, like syllabus, paper pattern, and books. Also, some valuable tips that will help you to do better preparation for the exam.

Army Clerk Paper Pattern And Exam Format

The paper pattern of clerk is different as compared to other trades. People often get confused about how the clerk paper format will be? below is the complete description of exam pattern, feel free to ask in comments if you still don’t understand something.




Minimum Passing Marks

Part – I
General Knowledge 05 20 32
General Science 05 20
Maths 10 40
Computer 05 20
Part – II
English 25 100 32
Total 50 200

According to this table :-

  • The paper will be of total 200 marks.
  • 60 minutes or 1 hour of time will be given to complete the exam
  • The paper will be divided into two parts (part 1 and part 2).
  • Each part will be of 100 marks, and each part will carry 25 questions.
  • To be declared as pass, a candidate has to get 32 marks in each part of the exam. Also, after combining both the parts, the total should be 80 or more to get pass.
  • Each of the questions will be of 4 marks.
  • There will be negative marking, half (0.5) marks will be reduced for every wrong answer.
  • No marks will be cut for leaving any question. So, you can leave a question if you have any doubt.

The questions in part 1 will be asked from GK, general science, Maths, and computer. Each subject will have a fixed no. of questions. Maths will carry maximum no. of questions i.e 10 questions, while all the other subject in this part will carry 5 questions each.  Except for GK, the questions of other subjects will be based on CBSE syllabus, and the difficulty level of questions will be up to CBSE class 10th.

In General science, the questions related to basic science will be asked. If you have a strong base in science, then you will not find any difficulty in solving questions of general science. Likewise, basic questions from maths and computer will be asked.

Part -2 of the exam will carry the questions related to the English language. Mainly questions which will check the grammar of the candidates will be asked in this part.

Army Clerk/SKT (Storekeeper) Syllabus

The below-given syllabus is not the complete list of topics, in exams questions may be asked from topics that are not present in this list. But, all the questions will be asked from CBSE syllabus that’s for sure. Most of the time, the questions will come from the following syllabus

Indian Army Soldier Clerk Syllabus for General Knowledge

  • UNO
  • Indian Armed Forces
  • The world of Plants and animals
  • Indian News Agencies and Dailies
  • Inventions and Discoveries
  • Indian Towns, States, and UTs
  • National and International Days
  • Environment
  • Continents and Sub continents
  • The Constitution of India
  • Religious Communities and Principal Languages
  • International Organizations
  • Abbreviations for National and International
  • Sports of National and International
  • Books and Authors
  • Awards & Prizes related to National awards, Gallantry awards, Nobel
  • History is related to Important dates & battles in Indian and world History and Land marks of Indian History, national movement.
  • Geography includes Solar System, Space exploration, The Earth, Principal Peaks, Deserts, Rivers, Lakes and Famous Waterfalls, Geographical Tallest, Biggest, and Longest etc.
  • Terminology such as Geographical terms, Economic terms, Astronomical terms, Legal terms and Misc terms.
  • Institutions and research stations, International space Stations and Festivals of Indian and World.

 Army Clerk Exam Syllabus for General Science

  • Human Body –  Food and nutrition, diseases and prevention, vitamins and their uses.
  • Topics related to Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. based on fundamentals and day to day activities.
  • Medical Terms.
  • Scientific Terms.
  • Scientific and Research Institutes in India.

 Army Clerk Syllabus for Mathematics

  • Consisting of numbers,
  • HCF,
  • LCM,
  • Decimal fraction,
  • square roots,
  • percentage,
  • Average,
  • Ratio and proportion,
  • partnership,
  • profit & loss,
  • unitary method,
  • time work and distance,
  • Simple interest.


  • Lines and angles,
  • triangles quadrilaterals,
  • parallelograms.


  • Area and perimeters of Squares,
  • rectangles parallelograms, and circles,
  • volume and surface area of cube,
  • cuboids,
  • cone,
  • cylinders and sphere.


  • Trigonometric ratios of an angle A of a right angle triangle,
  • Simple applications of trigonometric ratios for solving problems of different types,
  • Simple identities based upon the above

Lines and Angles

  • Different characteristics of lines and angles,
  • parallel and perpendicular lines,
  • inserting lines,
  • some of angles and triangles,
  • interior and exterior angles.
  • Triangles-properties,
  • equality,
  • congruency, and similarity with respect to sides and angles.
  • Parallelogram-types and properties.
  • Circles – Properties, arc, chords, tangents, secants, and angles subtended by arcs.


  • Histograms with given intervals,
  • classification of data,
  • frequency,
  • frequency polygons,
  • olives
  • Mean, median and mode of grouped and ungrouped data,
  • problems related to statistical techniques.

Army Clerk Exam Syllabus for Computer Knowledge

  • Computer System,
  • MS Excel
  • Concept of Memory,
  • MS Word
  • Input Output Devices
  • MS –Windows,
  • Introduction to Windows,
  • MS Power Point

Indian Army Clerk Syllabus for English

Parts of Speech

  • Article.
  • Noun and Pronoun.
  • Adjective.
  • Preposition.
  • Conjunction and models.

Verbs Tenses 

  • Present/past forms Simple/continuous form Prefect forms future time reference.

Sentence Structure

  • Type of Sentences,
  • Affirmative/interrogative sentences.
  • Use of Phrases.
  • Direct and Indirect speech.
  • Active and Passive Voice

Other Areas

  • Idioms and Phrases.
  • Synonyms and antonyms.
  • One word substitution.

Tips To Prepare For Clerk Written Exam

Now that you know the clerk exam pattern and syllabus, it’s time for you to begin your preparations. Here are some tips to get you started:-

Study from NCERT

Since the questions will come from the CBSE syllabus, therefore, it is very important to study from the NCERT books. Instead of investing your time and money in other books, you should first try to complete the NCERT books.

Not all the books of all the classes, but class 9th and 10th books will be more than enough if you do prepare them well. But, if you are running out of time, then you can just prepare from class 10th books. If you do prepare the NCERT well, then you will not need to read other books except for the GK part.

Study according to plan

Our minds work better when things are organized. So, it is crucial to have a study plan for yourself. Make a proper timetable according to which you should study.

First of all, you will need to become habitual to studying until the written exam. If you can’t sit to study for a long time period, then don’t! just sit for short intervals like 30 to 45 minutes. But do it regularly, when you start getting comfortable with it, then you can increase the time limit. Taking things slow is the best way to get control over yourself.

Set a particular time to study, when you do one thing at the same time regularly, then your body and mind adjust themselves to that routine and this will help you focus better.

Read newspaper

Newspapers are the great source of knowledge, not only they make you aware of whats happening around, but also adds to general knowledge, and benefits you in lots of other ways. All successful people start their day by reading the newspaper.

50% of your general knowledge topics will be covered if you read newspaper daily. So, make it a habit of reading newspaper every day (preferably English) . It’s not important that you should do it in the morning, but any time of the day.

Prepare for English  

Having a good grip on English is very important to crack the written exam of clerk,  because as you must have seen above, 1 part of the written exam is entirely dedicated to English, and it carries 100 marks. So, make sure that you do practice for English, pay special attention to it.

Add to your sources of knowledge

Books are not the only sources of knowledge, you can gain knowledge from so many different things. Internet is the ultimate free source of learning and adding to your knowledge. So, instead of just using it for social networks, use is it to gain knowledge.

If there is any subject that you dont find interesting or which is giving you the hard time to understand, then look for it on the internet, you will find tons of website, explaining things in interesting and easy way.  Be a smart learner, and use internet for your benefit.

Do not procrastinate

Procrastination is the main reason behind the failure of most of the people. The more you put the work on tomorrow, the more are your chances of failure. Live with the rule of now or never, if you do not study today, then you will never be able to get in Indian army. Give priority to your studies first.

Try to follow these points on daily basis, and you will surely crack CEE with good marks and get your name in the merit list.

Hope this article was helpful to you. Please feel free to comment if you have any doubts or queries related to the paper pattern and syllabus of army clerk/SKT.  We will try to respond as soon as possible.

All the best for your written exams.


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