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Indian Army GD Selection Process (Age, Height, Weight, Chest, Race)

The life of an Indian army soldier is a prestigious and dignified one. Anyone can apply for a job in the Indian army, irrespective of his caste, religion, or class. The only criteria for recruitment, other than passing the age barrier is that the candidate meet the educational, physical, and medical standards as prescribed by the Indian army.

The recruitment for the Indian army occurs all year round and the announcement for the same in found in all local newspapers. This announcement is released two weeks before the rally, which is conducted by the zone recruiting officer and the branch recruitment officers.

Following steps are required, to become a Soldier/Sepoy in Army?

Step 1: Form Filling

The very first step is to find the advertisement on sources like employment newspaper, the internet or by contacting the nearest recruiting office of your zone. The dates are then announced on notice boards and media sources which include the important information about the required documents like Educational Certificates, Extra physical activities certificates, Birth certificate, Character certificate, Domicile and number of passport size photos.

After filling all the required details and attaching all attested documents, the form is then submitted to the nearest recruitment office. Next step is to wait for the admit card which will carry the information like date, time and place about the Bharti. According to latest trend you can download the admit card online and take a printout of it.

Step 2: Physical

This is one of the most important steps during the Bharti process which carries 100 marks depending upon the different physical activities known as physical fitness test(PFT), activities include the following.

Note the figures written below should be taken as standard figures, and these figures may vary according to the place and the time.

1-mile run is the primary step of selection process every candidate has to run about 1 mile. Lesser the time you cover 1 mile, more will be the marks you get. The standard marks distribution is as follow.

  • 60 marks for – 5.40 min.
  • 48 marks for – 5.41 min.
  • 36 marks for – 5.51 min.
  • 24 marks for – 6.01 min.

Pull Ups comes after the 1-mile run and hence the second phase of physical fitness test, more the pull ups the candidate do, more will be the marks he will get, the standard marks distribution is as follow.

  • more than 10 pull ups – 40 marks
  • for 9 pull ups – 32 marks
  • 8 pull ups – 28 marks
  • 7 pull ups – 21 marks
  • 6 pull ups – 16 marks

Balancing and jumping are the last steps of physical fitness test since this is a qualifying test hence, no marks are awarded for this step. Balancing includes that how good a candidate is in balancing himself, this is tested by climbing and walking on ropes. In standard jumping, a candidate has to jump a 9 feet ditch. These steps are important. If a candidate has scored good marks in above two physical fitness test and could not qualify the balancing and jumping, then he will be kicked out.

Step 3: Medical Test

To join Indian army, a candidate must be medically fit so that he can serve his country with his best. A candidate has to pass a number of medical tests to join Indian army. The Candidate should be medically fit for the following points.

  • Candidate should not be suffering from any mental disease. Candidate should be free from diseases/disabilities and must possess a good physique. Candidate should not have body defects such as overweight etc.
  • The chest of a candidate should be well developed and in a good shape, there must be a minimum expansion of 5 cm during the chest measuring test.
  • Candidate should be free from bone diseases and bone joint defects, each important bone joints are examined during the medical test.
  • Your hearing, viewing and speaking ability should be very clear. Candidate having disease or problem in their ears, eyes and throat will be rejected.
  • Candidate must not have organic diseases such as disease related to heart and vessels. The blood pressure should also be under the limits.
  • Candidate must not possess any disease regarding internal organs such as liver, kidneys, spleen etc, having such diseases can give you a rejection.
  • Urine examination is also done during the medical process.
  • Your teeth should be in good condition.

Step 4: Written Test

If a candidate has qualified all the criteria given above then the candidate has to clear a written test called Indian Army General Duty (NER) exam.

This is a common entrance exam(CEE) which is conducted on 4th Sunday of each month except March, June, September and December, for different government job areas. This exam consists of 4 sections general knowledge, Maths, General science, basic computer questions. For general duty recruitment, there is only one paper which has the time limit of 1 hour and carries 100 marks in total.

Note: the ‘C’ certificate Holders candidates are not necessary to give this written exam, but they must fulfill all the other requirements mentioned above in this article.

  1. General Knowledge – 30% marks

Make you GK strong by practicing  Army GD General knowledge question and answers that we are offering.

 Topic Questions From
Abbreviations National and International
Sports National and International
Awards & Prizes National awards, Gallantry awards, Nobel prizes
History Important dates & battles in Indian and world History and Landmarks of Indian History, national movement.
Geography Solar System, Space exploration, The Earth, Principal Peaks, Deserts, Rivers, Lakes and famous Waterfalls, Geographical Tallest, Biggest and Longest etc.
Terminology Geographical terms, Economic terms, Astronomical terms, Legal terms and Misc terms.
Other Topics  UNO, Indian Armed Forces, Indian Towns, States, and UTs, Institutions and research stations, International space stations and festivals of India and world, Indian News Agencies and Dailies, Continents and Sub Continent, Inventions and Discoveries, Environment, The Constitution of India, Religious Communities and Principal Languages, National and International Days, International Organizations, Books and Authors, The world of  plants and animals, Current Affairs and “Who`s Who”.
  1. General Science – 40% marks

Topic Questions From
Human Body Food and nutrition, disease and prevention, vitamins and their uses.
Physics General Physics(Related to day to day activities)
Chemistry General Chemistry(Related to day to day activities)
Biology General Biology(Related to day to day activities)
Medical Terms Name of diseases and terms used in medical science.
Scientific Terms Commonly used scientific terms in daily life also includes  Research Institutes in India
  1. Mathematics – 30% marks

 Topic  Questions From
Arithmetic Unitary method, time, work and distance, simple interest, numbers, HCF, LCF, Decimal, fraction, square roots, percentage, average, ratio and proportion, partnership, profit, and loss.
Algebra Basic operations and factorization, HCF and LCM, quadratic equations.
Geometry Lines and angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, and parallelograms and circles.
Mensuration Area and perimeters of Squares, rectangles, parallelograms and circles, volume and surface area of cube, cuboids, cone, cylinders and sphere.

Ranks For General Duty Soldier

As all of you must be aware that after the 6th and 7th pay commission, the future of a GD soldier is very bright in Indian army. There are so many benefits of being in the army like you get the free medical services etc. though the commission is deducted each month from the salary for such facilities, yet they are very beneficial.

Now if you are wondering how high can you go in aspects of both rank and salary, then below is the rank and salary structure that a GD soldier can go for:

  • You will be recruited for the post of Sepoy first, the basic grade pay for this post is around Rs. 1800.
  • The next post that you will be promoted to is lance naik and you will get the basic grade pay of somewhat around Rs. 2000.
  • Naik is the next higher post that you will be promoted to, and the basic grade pay of this post will be Rs. 2400 approx.
  • Next level will be the Havildar and the basic grade pay for this post is Rs. 2800.
  • Naib Subedar will be the next higher post and the basic grade pay for this will be Rs. 4200.
  • When you get promoted to the post of Subedar then the basic grade pay gets to Rs. 4600.
  • And the last post that you can get to is Subedar Major and the basic grade pay for this post is Rs. 4800.

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