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CDS 2017 Exam Patter Best Coaching Centre

Posted on by supperbrilliantpoint

CDS 2017 All type Exam Pattern & Syllabus 2017

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SBP Institute a Govt. approved organization has invited all candidates who are applying for the post of CDS I & II Officers Training Academy Exam Pattern 2017 and who are interested to take best coaching to improve their ability and also interested to apply super technique methodology, study material and classroom assignments. The Course Methodology is dynamic as it takes into account the changes of life and we very much know in the pattern of the examination. SBP institute is a professionally managed and organized CDS I & II Officers Training Academy Exam Pattern 2017 coaching Centre in Delhi, offering best coaching and preparing the job aspirants for the post of CDS I & II Officers Training Academy Exam Pattern 2017 Examination.

CDS I 2017 exam pattern is similar to the previous year exam pattern of CDS. CDS 2017 written exam consists of 3 papers (2 papers for Officers Training Academy)-

  • English (100 marks)
  • General Knowledge (100 marks)
  • Elementary Mathematics (100 marks)

The duration of CDS I 2017 entrance exam is 2 hours per paper. Elementary Mathematics paper is not for the candidates appearing for OTA (Officers Training Academy). 120 questions from each English & GK paper is asked. A total of 100 questions are asked in Elementary Mathematics paper. Every paper of CDS 2017 carries 100 marks.

CDS 2017 exam has a provision of negative marking. For every wrong marked answer, 1/3 of the marks allotted is deducted. The aspiring candidates of CDS 2017 can access more details from the official website:

The CDS 2017 exam pattern gives all the related information about the time, marking scheme, number of questions about the entrance test.

CDS Exam Pattern Highlights 2017 

Exam duration of each of the CDS paper is 120 minutes. In the following table, CDS 2 2017 exam pattern highlights are mentioned:


CDS 2017 Paper              English General Knowledge Mathematics
Exam Duration 2 hours (120 minutes) 2 hours (120 minutes) 2 hours (120 minutes)
Number of Sections 8-9 Questions are asked in mixed manner Questions are asked in mixed manner
Sectional Duration It is a pen-paper based entrance test, no sectional time limit is defined.
Total number of questions 120 questions 120 questions 100 questions
Total Marks 100 marks 100 marks 100 marks
Marking Scheme +0.8 marks for each correct option -0.33 marks for each wrong answer +0.8 marks for each correct option -0.33 marks for each wrong answer +1 marks for each correct option -0.33 marks for each wrong answer
Medium English English & Hindi English & Hindi


Intelligence and Personality Test for CDS I 2017

SSB procedure consists of Selection Process- Stage I & Stage II. Candidates who clear the Stage I will be called for Stage II selection process. Given below are the details for Stage I and Stage II selection process.

Stage I comprises of Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) tests such as- Picture Perception & Description Test (PP & DT). The shortlisting of the candidates will be on the basis of combination of performance in OIR Test and PP & DT.

Stage II comprises of Interview, Group Testing Officer Tasks, and Psychology Tests and at last Conference. These tests are conducted in a time frame of 4 days. The details of these tests are mentioned on the official website-

The personality of candidates is assessed by 3 different experts namely, the Interviewing Officer (IO), Group Testing Officer (GTO) and the Psychologist.

There is no separate weightage for each test. The marks are allotted by exports only after taking into consideration the performance of the CDS candidates holistically in all the tests. In addition, marks for Conference are also allotted based on the initial performance of the Candidate in the 3 techniques and decision of the Board. All these carry equal weightage.

The various test of IO, GTO and Psychology are held to bring out the presence/ absence of the Officer Like Qualities and their trainability in a candidate. Accordingly, candidates are Recommended or Not Recommended at the SSB.

Marking Scheme 

CDS Test consists of only Objective Based Questions (Multiple Choice Questions). For getting into Indian Military Academy, Naval Academy, and Air Force Academy, candidates have to appear for all the 3 papers- English, General Knowledge and Elementary Mathematics. Each of the paper carries 100 marks.

There is penalty for every wrong marked answer. In CDS paper, each of the questions carry 4 options and out of which only 1 option is correct. For each wrong marked choice, 1/3 of the marks assigned will be deducted. More than one option marked is treated as incorrect.

The given below table consists the detailed marking scheme of the papers.

Paper Number of Question Number of Marks Negative Marking Marks For Each Correct Answers
English 120 100 1/3 per wrong marked question 0.8 Marks
General Knowledge 120 100 1/3 per wrong marked question 0.8 Marks
Elementary Mathematics 100 100 1/3 per wrong marked question 1 Marks
Total 340 300


Candidates, who are appearing only in OTA (Officers Training Academy), will be appearing only for 2 papers- English and General Knowledge. In the following table, marking scheme of CDS paper for OTA is mentioned.


Paper Number of Question Number of Marks Negative Marking Marks For Each Correct Answer
English 120 100 1/3 per wrong marked question 0.8 Marks
General Knowledge 120 100 1/3 per wrong marked question 0.8 Marks
Total 240 –200


No marking scheme for non-attempted questions.

Interview Marking Scheme

The selection of the candidates is on the basis of marks scored in the interviews. Total marks for interview for Indian Military Academy, Naval Academy, and Air Force Academy is 300 marks. While the total marks for interview for OTA is 200 marks.

Time Duration

Each of the paper has to be completed within 2 hours. No extra time will be provided to the candidates to complete the CDS 2017 Exam. The sectional duration is not determined in the CDS paper as it is conducted in offline mode. Candidates can set their own priority to complete the sections of any CDS 2017 paper. In the following table, the time duration for the CDS 1 2017 papers is mentioned.


CDS 2017 Paper Duration Number of Question Expected allotted time per Question
English 2 hours 120 45 sec/question
General Knowledge 2 hours 120 40 sec/question
Mathematics 2 hours 100 1 min/question


  English and General Knowledge papers do not contain any calculation work. If you know the correct answer, then it will not take more than 30 seconds per question to answer it and mark the choice in the CDS 2017 answer sheet.


  Candidates should boost up their speed in reading and analyzing the questions in one go so that it will not waste their time in re-reading the questions.


  Solving English paper in a manner of solving each question in 45 seconds will save 30 minutes. This remaining 30 minutes can be utilized in solving those questions which are not attempted and have ambiguity in choosing the options.

  In the similar way, general knowledge paper can be solved. It is the section where questions are asked from different diversities. If you are damn sure about the choice, then go with it else it may lose your points.


  Giving 40 seconds per question in CDS 2017 GK paper can save your 40 minutes and you can make use of in attempting questions that are left for consideration.


  Mathematics paper consists of questions that are to be solved most of the time to get the answer and only few questions exits which are direct. 100 questions have to be solved in a time limit of 120 minutes.


  In the total allotted time, verification of the candidate, marking the bubbles, filling the answer sheet, all has to be done. And it leaves almost 1 min to solve each question.


  High speed in solving questions correctly will help you in fetching more marks.

CDS 2017 Syllabus

  1. English Syllabus: English section tests the candidates’ understanding of English language. The English paper consists of 100 marks and it is an objective test. This section comprises basic grammar, spotting errors, sentence improvement, word substitution, comprehension, ordering of sentences, antonyms, synonyms, marking the correct sentence among the wrong choices and alike.
  2. General Knowledge Syllabus: General Knowledge paper of CDS consists questions based on current affairs, History of India, Geography, Science, Defence, Politics, Awards, Books and Economy. A regular update of at least 3 months or so is necessary to score good marks. Given below are the topics, on which the questions are asked.
  3. Elementary Mathematics Syllabus: Given below is the list of topics, on which questions are based on:
  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Geometry
  • Mensuration
  • Statistics

CDS 2017 General Knowledge Topics

CDS General Knowledge paper is an objective type paper of 100 marks with 120 questions. To help aspirants have a better understanding about the pattern of questions for CDS General Knowledge section, we have mentioned below some topics from previous year’s papers.

Now, let’s have a look at the topic wise weightage for CDS General Knowledge:

TOPIC Number of Questions
CDS I 2016 CDS II 2016 CDS I 2017
Science 24 18 22
History and Culture 18 19 23
Geography 15 16 18
Economy 13 5 14
Polity 14 19 10
Miscellaneous GK 15 7 12
International Relations 10 6 8
Environment and Biodiversity 11 7 8
Defense 8 9
Agriculture 5 4


Preparation Tips for CDS General Knowledge 2017

CDS 2017 exam will have 120 multiple choice questions. This section is the scoring subject in UPSC CDS Examination to the candidate who has interest to stays aware about the latest happenings and events.

  • Read Newspaper daily and watch the news for at least 30 mins to have the best idea of what is happening around in order to get through General Knowledge.
  • Follow magazines or Online journals to cover various topics ranging from economy to business to trade policies to the latest awardees in the fields of sports, art, literature, etc.
  • Stay up to date with everything that is going on in the world
  • Prepare with the help of reference books which are available in the market and online rather than just relying on newspapers.
  • Solve previous year’s papers on a regular basis. This help candidate in understanding the pattern of questions and how to attempt them.
  • Practice with various mock tests and question banks available online or through particular books. This helps candidates in assessing the importance of time and efficiency.
  • Candidates should set a timer and solve questions within the time frame to increase their speed of attempting questions.
  • Candidates should make notes of important information which you find while reading and revise them regularly.
  • Most of all, a candidate should always stay positive and believe in himself/herself. They can easily release all the pressure and workload of their exams by maintaining a positive outlook.


Previous Year Papers

Solving previous years’ papers provides a prudent approach for the main entrance test. Candidates can familiarize themselves with the CDS paper pattern. It helps in knowing the number of questions, kinds of questions, sections, marking scheme, and alike.

Solving last year CDS papers and sample papers actually increases the speed, enhances the time management skills, short tricks, of solving questions and improves the attempt in final CDS test. Solving sample papers helps in knowing the level of preparation that really needs improvement.

Paper Analysis CDS 1 2017

The CDS 1 2015 paper was conducted in 3 parts- English, GK and Mathematics. The duration of each of the paper was 2 hours. This objective type paper has 120 questions in each English & GK and 100 questions in Elementary Mathematics. Given below is the detailed analysis of CDS 2017 paper which was held on February …., 2017.

  1. CDS 2015 English Paper- This paper has 8-9 sections. The whole paper was dominated by grammar and vocabulary. It also consisted 5 short passages which had some tricky questions. In the following table, analysis of English paper is mentioned.
Topic Number of Questions Level of Difficulty
Sentence Improvement 20 Easy
Reading Comprehension 23 (5 passages) Easy to Moderate
Synonyms 8 Moderate
Antonyms 7 Easy
One Word Substitution 5 Moderate
Para-Jumble 10 Easy to Moderate
Sentence-Jumble 7 Moderate
Spot the Error 20 Easy
Cloze Test 20 Easy


  1. General Knowledge– The questions that were asked from science section, were of NCERT level while the questions that belonged to history were mainly from art and culture of the 18th century. This section was marked moderate. The following table consists the analysis of CDS GK paper.
Topic Number of Questions Level of Difficulty
History 19 Difficult
Science 27 Easy (Concept based questions)
Geography 22 Moderate (Analytical based questions)
Ecology 06 Moderate (Fact based questions)
Polity 20 Easy to Moderate
Economy/Trade 11 Moderate (Fact based questions)
Miscellaneous /Armed Forces 15 Moderate (Fact based questions)
  1. Elementary Mathematics- It is the paper where questions are asked from diverse topics. Arithmetic, mensuration, geometry and trigonometry covered the major part of the mathematics paper. It was marked easy to moderate in the level of difficulty.  In the following table, paper analysis of mathematics paper is mentioned.



Topic Number of Questions Level of Difficulty
Mensuration 14 Easy
Algebra 7 Easy to Moderate
Mean-Median-Mode (Frequency Distribution Table) 4 Easy
Time speed and Distance 6 Easy
Number System 20 Easy to Moderate
Simple interest/Compound interest 5 Easy
Percentage 2 Easy
Profit/Loss 1 Easy
Mixture 1 Easy
Time and Work 3 Easy
Trigonometry 14 Moderate to Difficult
Set Theory 1 Easy
Clock 2 Easy
Geometry 20 Easy to Moderate


CDS 2017 Preparation Tips

CDS is considered as one of the most competitive entrance examination for recruitment for office cadre. CDS 2017 is meant to get into Officers Training Academy (OTA), Indian Military Academy (IMA), Air Force Academy and Naval Academy.

This entrance test is conducted twice a year and nearly 2.5 lacs of applicants applied for CDS 2015. It is expected a rise in the range of the candidates applying for CDS 2017. To get selected in the officer cadre, CDS 2017 aspirants should be thorough with the studies and it requires a dedicated level of practice.

Here, we are providing preparation strategies to the CDS 2017 aspirants to excel the CDS 2017 written Examination

  1. Be thorough with the syllabus- It is the very first step to start preparing for any entrance exam. Candidates appearing for CDS 2017 entrance test should study well all the topics and should cover each and every topic. Completing syllabus and that too thoroughly enhances the chances of selection of candidates. The thorough study of syllabus helps the aspirant to prioritize the kinds of questions at the time of solving test.
  2. Speed & Accuracy: Man makes a practice perfect. Candidates should do die-hard practice to hone the speed and accuracy. Doing regular practice enhances the time management skills. Consistency should be maintained for the best results. Try recalling common formulae, trigonometric ratios, cube roots, square roots, short-tricks, and percentage fractions as it helps to maintain the accuracy in the mathematics section.
  3. Time Management: Don’t just jump over the options and butterfingered to get the solution before reading and understanding the question. Try to get the question in just one read as it helps in managing time. Candidate should read each question delicately before running for the solution. Firstly, answer the questions that seem easy to get the solution and are less time consuming. Make your strategy and accuracy to that level that you can re-examine the paper before the final submission.
  4. Regular Practice: Whether it is English, GK or Elementary Mathematics, regular practice is a must thing. It helps the CDS 2017 aspiring candidates to identify the weak and strong areas. Practice made on a regular basis makes the tricky topics as simple as cakewalk. So, spend quality time in practice. Practicing sample papers as much as you can, familiarizes with the main exam. Solving last years’ papers also helps in realizing the weaknesses and strengths. It gives a confidence to perform better in the CDS 2017 entrance test.
  5. Maintain the confidence level: Being nervous drops the preparation level to ‘0’. So, during the exam time, try to be focused, calm and confident and later, watch all your hard work get paid.
  6. General Knowledge: Be aware of the latest events running around in all the fields such as in awards, business, current affairs, ecology, history, geography, science, politics and so more. Reading textbooks, newspapers, magazines and listening news daily is good habit and it also helps in nurturing the level of general awareness.
  7. Make a schedule: Create your schedule in a way that you refer it often. Make it in a way that fixed commitments cannot be changed. Organize your peak study times as at that time you are more alert. Make sure, you add a column of refreshing brain cells such as exercises, meeting friends and spending time with family.


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